Trade-Pal is an easy to use B2B wholesale market

Making wholesale global. Buy from anywhere, sell to anywhere.


The number of sellers and buyers on the global market

$3,5 billions

Value of monthly trade deals made on wholesale market

10.000 +

Number of transaction on global wholesale market

Marketplace for B2B


Find and browse wholesale products easily, sort them by price, location or type


Find new customers for your wholesale business, reach buyers across the globe and start making deals

Keep track with all transactions

Get notified as soon as new transaction is made

  • Receive emails upon money transfer completion
  • See the list of all transactions
  • One unified dashboard to manage everything

Manage your sales and purchases

Switch between buyer and user account

You can sell your items, but that doesn’t mean you also can’t buy items. We’ve added to option to switch between your buyer and seller account to make it easy as switch google account.

Connect your bank accounts

Thanks to Trustapp and, you can be sure that your money and items are safe. By adding bank account on dashboard, once you initiate buying or selling process, you will receive notification and get charged or deposit in your accounts after successful transaction has been concluded.

Everything you get with Trade-Pal

Buyer & Seller Account

Register account as either seller or buyer.

Multiple Device Support

Usable on mobile and desktop, easy to manage on the go or at home.


See sales performance of your products, wishlisting numbers, and other analysis.

Package Tracking

Track the packages from the moment of sale, until its arrival for both buyers and sellers.

Safe Transactions

Each transaction is safely deposited until the products are delivered to buyer.

Milestone targeting

Make custom milestones and be notified when you reach them.

Trading in USD & EUR

You can set prices in either USD or EUR.


We use Escrow as method of payment to ensure that deposited money is payed out once products are delivered.

No setup cost or hidden fees


Best plan to test out features and get started


  • 2 products
  • Suitable for testing
  • Default plan for customers


The standard plan with most of the features


/ month

  • Unlimited number of products
  • Item customization
  • Analytics access


When you want to expand your sales


/ month

  • Everything from previous plan
  • Run two different shops
  • Advertisement budget
  • API access
  • Customized store
  • Other features, first to receive them.

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Frequently asked questions

How is Trade-Pal different from place such as Alibaba and AliExpress?

While Alibaba and AliExpress feature manufacturers of various products from China, Trade-Pal is focused on featuring various European manufacturers from all over the continent in order to offer better deals and variety of products that are being sold on the market.

Is Trade-Pal B2B only marketplace?

Yes. Trade-Pal is only focused on offering services for registered business entities that sell their items in bulk.

Can I offer sample items?

While Trade-Pal is focused on the wholesale, we encourage you to offer samples to your potential buyers. Select the option for sample and the sample will be sent to potential buyer. You can only send one sample per item. You will not be charged for free samples, while the payed samples fall under the charging terms and conditions of our partners, TrustApp and per transaction.

What is TrustApp?

TrustApp is our partner escrow service, that we use to enable safe selling of your products. When you decided to sell, the money from the buyer gets deposited in TrustApp account. Once the items arrive and they have checked that they are in good condition, the money will be released to the seller.

I also see that is available. Why? is available to our sellers in Serbia. Due to financial regulations, it is the only Escrow service that we can use and offer to people in Serbia and other countries where TrustApp is not available.

How much will I be charged?

Depending on the transaction value TrustApp will take 3% and Trade-Pal 10%. For all transaction with value of more than $5000, Trade-Pal takes 5%.