What’s coming next

For all those who have signed up, be sure to check your Inbox. We will be sending emails once we enter alpha and beta stage of the platform.

This site and and log are currently serving as a landing page while we prepare for the full launch. We are also using this chance to inform you on what will be coming next down the line.

Once the full launch is done, some of the parts you are seeing on the homepage will be integrated, and some will be removed. We will be keeping the blog, but things such as Pre-Signup page are certainly being phased out once we enter in our beta phase.

We encourage you to Pre-Signup and ask us any question that you have or may have about Trade-Pal. We will be opening additional channels for the communication such as Discord or Matrix, on which we have yet to decide, but we will be sure to inform you via email for those of you who pre-signed up.